Auditions for Iolanthe

Auditions for Iolanthe with GSSME February 2019!
Auditions will be held in the theater (on the 2nd floor) at the Moore Community Center (133 State St, Ellsworth, ME 04605) in Ellsworth.

10/23/18 Tuesday from 7-9pm, and Saturday morning 10/27/18 from 10am – 12noon. If you cannot make one of these days, please contact us.

We are not signing up for times so we can see you all interact, but plan to be there for ~30 min or so. You do not need to be there right at the start, but we appreciate an email (gssmaine at if you are coming!

Note: pages referenced here are from the Schirmer edition of Iolanthe. You can rent this from the Bagaduce Music Library for $3, or order your own from Amazon (~$12).

From Dorothy Wheatcraft (Artistic Director)
Lines to read for auditions (You may also be asked to cold read other scenes/Move):

Fairies C/L/F: Act 1,1. Pg 21 till queen entrance
Iol/Strep/Queen: Act 1,3 pg. 31
Phyllis/Strep:Act 1,4 pg 37
Chancellor/Strep: Act 1, 11. Pg. 84
Fairies C/L Lords T&M: Act 2, 15. Pg 152
T/M: Act 2,19. Pg 161 from ‘prepared to’ till end, the back and forth. Add Phyllis if there.
Chancellor: act 2, 22 monologue of 194
Private/queen: act 2, 25. Pg 202.

From Sandi Blanchette (Music Director)
Musical numbers for auditions:

The Lord Chancellor page 85 when I went to the bar as a very young man
Lord Mount Ararat when Britain really ruled the waves page 1 5 3
Lord Tolloller blue blood spurn not the nobly-born actually. Page 73
Private Willis when all night long a chap remains page 144
Strephen if we’re weak enough to tarry page 189 this is a Phyllis duet.
The fairy queen oh foolish Fay page 158
Celia and Lelia in vain to us you plead pig 155
Phyllis if we’re weak and off to tarry page 189

2016-2017 season

The GSSME production for the 2016-2017 season will be Pirates of Penzance. Please check our calendar and the local papers for announcements of dates and times for rehearsals. We hope to see you in the audience or on stage!

Dramatis Personae

Major-General Stanley                                  Maurice Joseph Marshall

The Pirate King                                             Roland Dube

Samuel                                                           Michael Smith

Frederic                                                          Zachary Fisher

Sergeant of Police                                         David Porter

Mabel                                                             Kayla M’Lynn Gayton

Edith                                                               Emily Homer

Kate                                                                Dorothy R.A. Wheatcraft

Isabel                                                              Demelza Ramirez

Ruth                                                                Debra Hangge

Pirates: Shawnna Farley, Linda Firlotte Grindle, Peter Miller, Richard Miller, Alison Cox

Policemen: Irv Hodgkin, John Cunningham, Trent Quinby, Sam Bergman, Martin Vachon, Aidan pasha

General Stanley’s Wards: Catherine Hanle, Kahlan Hanle, Aliyah Bishop, Lydia Reifsnyder

Chaperones: Terri Anne Anderson, Dotti Schaller

Loss of an outstanding GSSME performer

It saddens me to have to share the news of Geoffrey Shovelton’s passing on July 4th. He was a wonderful D’Oyly Carte tenor and the Artistic Director of our GSSME group for a few years, along with the assistance of his wife, Deborah Clague, who passed away just a few weeks ago. They both will be missed. RIP, together again.
Irv Hodgkin

to view Deborah’s obituary click here