2016-2017 season

The GSSME production for the 2016-2017 season will be Pirates of Penzance. Please check our calendar and the local papers for announcements of dates and times for rehearsals. We hope to see you in the audience or on stage!

Dramatis Personae

Major-General Stanley                                  Maurice Joseph Marshall

The Pirate King                                             Roland Dube

Samuel                                                           Michael Smith

Frederic                                                          Zachary Fisher

Sergeant of Police                                         David Porter

Mabel                                                             Kayla M’Lynn Gayton

Edith                                                               Emily Homer

Kate                                                                Dorothy R.A. Wheatcraft

Isabel                                                              Demelza Ramirez

Ruth                                                                Debra Hangge

Pirates: Shawnna Farley, Linda Firlotte Grindle, Peter Miller, Richard Miller, Alison Cox

Policemen: Irv Hodgkin, John Cunningham, Trent Quinby, Sam Bergman, Martin Vachon, Aidan pasha

General Stanley’s Wards: Catherine Hanle, Kahlan Hanle, Aliyah Bishop, Lydia Reifsnyder

Chaperones: Terri Anne Anderson, Dotti Schaller

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