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The performing arts are expensive.  Costumes, makeup, sets, props, vocal scores, orchestral scores, theater rental, insurance, advertising, personnel expenses…  These amount to well over $12,000 for the most inexpensive shows!   A truly beautiful production can easily cost $25,000 to $30,000.

But the value of having a local theater company dedicated to this comical collection of historically significant musical works is immeasurable.  A handful of our former young singers have gone on to great success in professional theater in California, London and New York!  One is currently performing and recording in this area with Paul Sullivan!  Live theater brings excitement and business opportunities to our area during the “quiet season”.  In addition, smaller groups of our singers perform Gilbert & Sullivan A La Carte concerts throughout the year at retirement homes, libraries, church concert series, and other small venues or special events.  And the cast, crew and orchestra do all this for you with no remuneration — only for the joy of sharing the music and performance.

Membership dues and donations from our Annual Appeal cover only a fraction of the costs.  We are working to build an endowment of $35,000 to help support our activities going forward.  Help us continue

We extend our gratitude to the generous donors and advertisers who make our performances and other activities possible.

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